Adopt A Family

Step 1

Fill out donor application form below
We will need to know:
* your family, business, or organization name
* the size of the family you would like to adopt
(mom with 1, 2, 3 kids…etc)
* your contact name, phone number, and email address so that we
can send the family’s wish lists to you.

Step 2

Faith House will send you the wish lists we have collected from a family. Each child in the family, as well as the mom, is allowed to put 5 reasonably priced items on their list, their clothing sizes, and their “favorite things” to help decision making while shopping a little easier. Donors are given the ages and
genders of the children, but no other identifying information.

Step 3

Have fun shopping! Buy a few items for each family member or all of the requested items if you are able. Please try to buy an equal amount for each child so no on feels left out.

Step 4

Our Faith House staff will coordinate a delivery date and location with you. Please include gift wrap, tape, and bows so that the mothers can wrap the presents for their children.
NOTE: For the confidentiality and safety of our clients, donors are not given any identifying information nor able to meet the family they are adopting.

Application Form