Moira Pack Evanco

Board of Directors

Outreach to Survivors Committee Chair
Moira is a full-time licensed realtor specializing in residential real estate with Dream Home Realty in Lafayette. She has two wonderful children, a daughter and a son. Her daughter is in college and her son is in middle school. She graduated from the University of Southwestern Louisiana with a Bachelor of Science in English Literature. She also joined the ARMY and the LA Army National Guard and served as a Combat Medic during Desert Storm. After receiving the Louisiana War Cross, she decided to further her military career and went through State Officer Candidate School and became a Russian Counter-Intelligence Officer. After serving nine years in the military she focused on raising her children. As a survivor of years of domestic violence, Moira feels a deep passion and commitment to raise awareness in her community about domestic violence. Her community involvement includes being a member of VOICES of Acadiana where she serves as the Outreach to Survivors Chair. When Moira has free time she enjoys being with her two children, two dogs and cat, cooking, baking, reading and being outside.