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Leslie Borque

Board of Directors




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Faith House Board Member

I was aware of Faith House as a domestic violence shelter loosely, but I had no idea the extent of what this organization did until I became a board member.  A friend of mine suggested I apply and after researching, it was then I truly felt in my heart I could be an asset to Faith House as a board member.  I have been a board member for one year and immediately I knew my place was
on the fundraising committee.  

I am from Lafayette, LA originally.  I moved to Los Angeles and then New York when I was 26. It returned back to Lafayette in 2016 with my partner in life Dylan Walsh and my two kids, Amélie and Hudson.  After returning home, I began to realize there was much work to be done in Acadiana politically and through social issues.  I founded a non-profit organization called The Lady Dems of Acadiana. It was then I became known as a political activist. This eventually segued into me advocating for social issues.  I have worked in tandem with organizations such as Arch, New Hope of Lafayette, Hearts of Hope, Family Promise of Acadiana, New Vision Leadership and VOTE.  I have raised awareness on important issues by holding forums on subjects including prison reform/criminal justice, homelessness, sexual harassment, health care, the Chicot Aquifer, corruption in politics, defunding of arts programs in public schools and race relations and women’s rights.  

I reside on 3 other boards Bayou Rising, Real Majority and Focus Clubhouse for mental illness.  I am also on a committee for LEF- (Lafayette Education Foundation.) In 2019 I ran for public office- State House Representative for District 43- and although I didn’t win, the wealth of knowledge and the people I met throughout my district was worth it.  

I spend my free time writing- I have a blog and a podcast called “Put a Bourque in it” where I spotlight issues that are important to me.  I love tennis, bike riding, running, yoga and running after my two kids.